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About My Qur’ān Translations

Who Are The Team & Why Are We Asking For Funds?

We are a team of 34 Muslims consisting of brothers and sisters from 13 different countries who aspire to bring the message of the Qur’ān closer to the people – Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. 

We have benefitted from the gems within the Qur’ān and we desire to make the masses reap from such limitless booty too. The My Qur’ān team consists of 7 graphic designers, 17 video editors, 9 video reviewers and an individual who will be overlooking the entire project to ensure the set milestones are reached.

The team of Muslims behind the My Qur’ān Translation project consists of individuals from undeveloped countries, so it’s chance for them to be able to participate in the Project by providing them with the correct tools which we have been able to provide due to generous contributions from Muslims from across the globe during our crowdfunding campaign.

The purpose of the My Quran Translation project is to provide translations of the Qur’an in multiple languages from known and unknown reciters from across the globe. These translations will be visual, with audio recitations played simultaneously.

We have selected 34 individuals from various regions of the world, who have been experiencing difficult times both before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project will give them an opportunity to participate in virtuous work and to be able to give them the tools to continue that during and after the project and to build confidence, skills and aptitude and while providing them an experience. This ultimately will enable them to use the tools provided with the experience gained to also support their families as well as learning to recognise their own strengths.

An additional outcome of the project will be the furthering of Islamic development, and the empowering of Muslims from developing countries. This will be achieved by affording Muslims in these countries the opportunity to assist with the undertaking of the project tasks.

Many of the editors of the project, all of whom hail from underprivileged areas, have now been provided with modern, high-quality equipment to assist them with their tasks. 

A fast internet connection has been made available to them in order to ensure that the project tasks are completed efficiently and without setbacks.

What Will Be Achieved?

The translations and recitations in visual format will be made available to the viewers by posting the completed videos on our social media channels. As the project continues, more languages will be made available.

Initially, the project will begin with translations into the following languages: